Christo’s Running Fence – 33 Year Celebration Meet the Artists

September 11th, 2009 | Category: Local Activites and Events

Christo and Jean-Claude will be on-hand to celebrate The ‘Running Fence at 33′. A reception is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 12, from 2pm to 5pm. Bloomfield Park, 6700 Bloomfield Road, Bloomfield. Free. For details, contact the Sonoma County Museum, 707.579.1500.

The Running Fence was monumental in all regards at the time – comprised of white fabric curtain twenty-four and one-half miles long and eighteen feet high that linked Cotati at Highway 101 to the Pacific Ocean in Bodega Bay. Few stories are more inspirational in the artworld that that of Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s struggle to persuade Sonoma and Marin County locals to proceed with this grand project which began in 1972 and was completed on September 10, 1976. It took forty-two months of collaborative effort, two-hundred and forty thousand yards (over two million square feet) of heavy woven white nylon fabric, ninety miles of steel cable, two thousand and fifty poles embedded three feet into the ground, and fourteen thousand earth anchors. The de-installation began two weeks after the fence was completed, and all materials were removed entirely from the site and given to local ranchers.

Christo, at the time, described the project as “a celebration of the landscape” and indeed it was perhaps the first large-scale art project focusing on the natural beauty of rural northern California landscape, a route has since become a famous tourist destination. It will be a pleasure to welcome back the couple that introduced our unique landscape to the world.

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