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VRBO Features Our Bodega Bay Vacation Rental As Their “Daily Destination”

July 19th, 2010 | Category: About "At the Bay's Edge", Blog

What a nice surprise to see VRBO featuring “At the Bay’s Edge” as their Daily Destination on Facebook! Their comment “Take a deep breath and enjoy the view in Bodega Bay” is right on….many of our guests come and never leave the property as there’s so much to take in and enjoy right here!

Bodega Bay Vacation Rental

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A Gift Certificate for Bodega Bay Vacation Rental — The Perfect Gift!

December 17th, 2009 | Category: About "At the Bay's Edge"

Bodega Bay Vacation Rental Gift Certificate When looking at holiday gift ideas, you might consider a gift certificate to our Bodega Bay Vacation Rental! Giving the gift of travel and relaxation (or celebration!) is always appreciated. In fact, we sell a lot of gift certificates throughout the year for anniversaries, birthdays, and general family celebrations. Travel and new experiences are such a special gift to both give and receive! (For more information on other activities in and around Sonoma as you make a decision on this gift, check out these Bodega Bay Activities and these Sonoma Coast Activities).

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Sunset at Bodega Head – A Must See for Your Bodega Bay Vacation!

September 9th, 2009 | Category: Bodega Bay Activities, Bodega Bay Videos - At the Bay's Edge and Beyond!

Well, this is my second post this week on sunsets….we’re enjoying a wonderfully warm and clear September to date and the sunsets have been spectacular.

I went out to Bodega Head tonight, which is just 5 minutes from Bodega Bay. It’s a very dramatic point at the ocean and is wonderful for sunset watching, closing out the day. In fact, I ran into several people I knew, it was great fun!

Anyway, here’s a video to enjoy. And make sure you include a trip to Bodega Head as part of your Bodega Bay Vacation (there’s also hiking and biking trails, so it’s quite diverse, as well as dramatic!).

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Two Bedroom Porch View – Bodega Bay Vacation Rentals

August 26th, 2009 | Category: About "At the Bay's Edge", Bodega Bay Videos - At the Bay's Edge and Beyond!

Here’s a video I took from the two bedroom porch on a recent sunny Sunday! We’ve had some fabulous weather lately! Enjoy the view!

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Bodega Bay Vacation Rental Video

March 12th, 2009 | Category: About "At the Bay's Edge", Bodega Bay Videos - At the Bay's Edge and Beyond!, Videos

Well, I finally did it! I learned how to add a video to You Tube, and to our web site! Here is our new video showing this special & unique Bodega Bay Vacation Rental Home. Enjoy this virtual tour of “At The Bay’s Edge”!

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